Personalized Garments- Useful Information


Ordering Timescale

Shetland Photos Direct hold a small stick of items, therefore it is more than likely your item will have to be ordered in. So please allow 14-21days for completion of your order.

Discounts Available

Discounts are available for bulk orders, please use contact page for more information.


Prices may change without prior warning.

Printing Processes Explained


This is done by using a special ink. When heated to a high temperature goes from being a liquid to a gas. This then puts the ink into the material, rather than sit on top of it. This has to be done on a Polyester/Cotton combination. The only draw-back with this method is that for full colour printing it has to be done on white. You can print on some pastel colours, but this is limited to text or dark symbolic picture.


This is the “old method” where the print sits on top of the material. This can give you full colour photos and text on coloured garments. Care must be taken when washing and ironing.


This is the material used for lettering, words and symbols. The design is cut out using a silhouette cutter machine, the surplus weeded away. Then the design is heat pressed on to your garment. Care must be taken when washing and ironing.

Right of Refusal

I reserve the right to refuse to print any submitted/ requested material which may be offensive or threatening.

Returns/ Refunds

Please read Returns/Refunds Policy before ordering. By submitting an order , it will be presumed you agree to it.